Ricoh 35

I was gifted by the very talented tattoo artist and photographer Bob Cooper with a Ricoh auto 35 and took it for an adventure the other day. Most of these photos are taken outside of my studio or at Montabello, where I do Print making classes.
All taken with Fuji 400. Simple as.

One in a flamboyance and a skull

I love that a flock of flamingoes is a flamboyance. Here are some pendants I have done recently.

Welcome to my Garden

Last night I exhibited at The Space Between Gallery in a girls group show, along side artists like Lady Skollie and Jade Klara. It was an amazing night and so excited to see that I can watch 4 seasons of The Wire, sew and some how still be apart of a social world.

Thanks for the support friends!

Monoprint and embroidery

Monoprint Mondays.

I have recently taken up a class in print making. Alma from Pangolin Prints in Newlands is a wealth of knowledge, and an wonderful teacher. She gently guides and inspires.
Here are monoprint portraits I did of my amazing friend Thandi, who it seems features in a few of my up coming projects, so I guess its best I call her what she is. A muse. The image is based on a portrait I took of her when she did make up for a shoot with Ora for Boogie Boutiques.

4 kids - Logo design

I very rarely post design work. But here is a logo I designed for an amazing client.

Underwater lover

On the day of the winter solstice, I went swimming at Sea Point pools with an Canon A1. Here are some of moments of that very cold day.


This is Bella, for Barbara

Rollei 35

Somehow I managed to find in my possession a mint condition Rollei 35. Earlier this year at B&H I asked them about the history and the very first camera I saw in their mini museum is the Rollei 35.

The Rollei 35 is a 35mm miniature viewfinder camera built by Rollei. The original Rollei 35, when introduced at Photokina in 1966, was the smallest existing 135 film camera. Still today, the Rollei 35 series remain the second smallest 35 mm camera after the Minox 35. In 30 years, about 2 million Rollei 35 series cameras were manufactured.

Here are a few Ilford black and white images I took with it in the States, and at home, in Sea Point.