Girls that Lie

referenced from the an image taken on shoot I did with Evelyn Hart many moons ago, I made the first in a series of portraits "Girls that lie".

They grow up so fast..

As a designer one of the hardest things to do is your own CI, and harder yet, a business card. I finally committed. Does that make me a grown up now?

Waiting for light

Im always reminded of my love for film, when I finally collect my images and rush home to see them. These are taken between Victoria Bay, Barrydale, on the top of Table Mountain and at a wedding at the bottom of the mountain.

Sew what?

While it rained in St Francis, between gigs over New Years I sewed this.

Embroidery: Bertha Benz for Mercedes

Mercedes (MBlife) asked me to do an embroidery for them, so for Valentines we did on inspired by the story of Betha Benz, the wife of Karl Benz.

We did a short interview, that has a small stop motion of the piece in progress.

You can read the full story here.

The boat life on film

The holidays are a strange time for me. When every one is free, its usually the time I am the busiest. Despite a plug exploding when I put a charger in, burning two fingers pretty badly and a ton of work,  I managed to slip away to Knysna for a night on a house boat.

These are a few moments caught on film. Id like to add here that Lani Spice has been an amazing friend and inspiration, getting me to pick up my camera again.

Embroidery: Owl be there for you

Once upon a time this illustration by Verity Wilson was used on an Element t-shirt. Her super-sweet brother, Dustin, asked me to use it as inspiration for her Christmas present and so it now it lives on, in cheerful colour, on a pillowcase. 

It's a little different from what I usually do - in that I illustrated it straight onto fabric without the use of a reference. I don't always trust my drawing skills but I'm very happy with the outcome here.

MBLife: Shooting Nic Coutts

Dusted off the digital camera recently to shoot Nic Coutts, designer and regular nice guy for . We drove around in the new Mercedes C-Class and ventured to Woolworld, which is like a sanctuary for me.

View the full interview>

Night Portraits

I befriended photographer Jono over Facebook. We had many mutual friends and he was the first to respond to my 'Make More Give More' initiative from a few years back. I made an owl. He responded... I sent it. BFFE.

Lately he has been working on a series of night portraits and Im very happy to be apart of them.

Jono on the Internets>

Embroidery: The big burger

For years I have been working on and off in a burger restaurant, where I have made some of the most wonderful friends. One of which commissioned me to make this. The burger pillow!