Embroidery / Rest your head on this

Making my first pillow commission featuring one of my favourite feathered creatures.. The flamingo (as you may know from previous works and the tattoo on my leg).

Its sewn into a coffee bag graciously stolen from Deluxe Coffeeworks. I love how it makes the colours look. Im a sucker for colours. I tried doing a monochrome embroidery the other day and it bored me to death.

Embroidery XXX - 1

This weekend I completed my first cheeky embroidery. Its more along the direction in which I want to take my needle work and hope people like it as much as I enjoy making it. If that makes you think Im a bit of a pervert, you wouldn't be wrong.

Really enjoying using french knots (the closest way I could interpret spit)

Small embroidered face

This weekend was something special. Got to do the visuals for first of (hopefully) many P.H.fat shows for Vodacom in the City on Friday in Joburg and Rocking the Daisies on Saturday. Sunday I recovered in a mess of threads. Using an image I shot for Mercedes Benz Life SA of Chloe Hugo-Hamman i finished a mini embroidered portrait. From now on they are called Sew Sundays.

I fell asleep embroidering very alien looking boobs and  found the scissors DANGEROUSLY close to face this morning. Threading on the edge.

Rising star

Home and Leisure have featured me as a Rising Star in this months addition, along side a bunch of disgustingly talented humans.

Thanks for the title of Embroiderer.

MBL / Chloë Hugo-Hamman

I recently shot Chloë Hugo-Hamman for a MBL interview by Nadine Theron. Chloë did an epic range for 2Bop reacently. 

Its been an age since I picked up the camera, and I always wonder why its been so long.

Read the interview>

Capsule Projects / Embroidery mask

I was very blessed to be apart of the Capsule Projects First Thursday exhibition held at Red Bull Studios this month. Art+House was an exhibition of 15 artists wearing masks that they created shot by Kent Andreasen. The event had acts Fever Trails and Card on Spokes performing. I got to do visuals for the event to which for me was such a wonderful way of having a full involvement in the process.

I look like Scorpions wife. Bucket list tick.

I was interviewed by Kelly Berold (who you may know as the other voice on my radio show The Tupperware Party)

Petite Noir / Embroidery

A few years ago I had portraits of Petite Noir published in The Rolling Stone Magaine. As part of my InAwe Residence, I completed this embroidery of Yannick. I think its one of my favourites and definitely think its FAR more effective when they are smaller.

Shamon Cassette / Voodoo Bus

Brooklyn rapper Shamon Cassette released a Mixtape exclusively for Mail and Guardian earlier this month with this very telling and thorough interview

Shamon is the king of colaborations and we have already engaged in a few trade exchanges! One including these lips I embroidered for him.

Click / Listen / Enjoy!

Tow Aways

Tow Aways is a zine of analogue photography featuring 13 artists created by Lani Spice.  The launch was at The Pit a few weeks ago, with an exhibition sponsored by RVCA.  I was very blessed to be apart of this project and exhibition. It seams to have reignited my love for film photography, which is such a gift.

Have a look at the tumblr with interviews and all the contributors here

My favourite image is this one of my little sister crying.

IneAwe Stays: Self portrait embroidery

Last week Thursday an interview by Josh Hayman from my first (on many I hope) residency with 10and5 and InAwe Stays was launched. It was a real gift to plug out of life for a week and stay in SUCH a beautiful space and just sew my life away.

It took about a day to scrape myself off the heated floor and get myself going. I finished off a piece from an image from a shoot I did for Rolling Stones years ago, and my largest yet, a self portrait. It was my  Cape Town inspired piece for the residence.

The reference image for my piece was taken by Lesca Steyn. Any time Ive worked with her its been such a seemless process.

You can view the article on 10and5, and the other artists involved in the programme here