16 April 2014

Gollem: Needle painting

This is my most recent commission for Shrimpy, my second mother I recently stayed with in Australia.
He is the sweetest 3 legged mutt.

I think the tongue is my favourite part.

26 March 2014

The Last to Leave: Poetry book by Margaret Clough

For anyone who knows me at all, I am my Grandmothers biggest fan. Thats saying a lot because she has a ton of fans. She worked as a Science teacher, soil chemist and food technologist and only started writing after retiring to Cape Town a few years ago. She not only the tiniest person I know, but the kindest. Her openness to the world has helped me keep my head up in my trickiest times.

Long story short, she has decided to 're-retire' at 80, with the launch of her second poetry book, and I did the design and cover art for it. Jay Gordon did the typography (because, really he is the greatest). Although my Gran is determined not to turn 80, but 79.2.

So.. if you weren't convinced of her amazingness heres her blog: www.margaretclough.blogspot.com
I get a call every now and then when she looses her blog (and subsequently written a poem about it)

The Launch is on the 22nd April in Kalk Bay ( https://www.facebook.com/events/470645599702509/ )

This portrait was taken a year or two back, She wasn't aware that I took the photo. This is quite typical. Her throne is a see-saw and her staff, a ball flinger. The cover art is a water colour that I photographed with my Nokia 1520 (didnt even need to do a Hi-Res scan!) and just sent it with bluetooth to my laptop and edited it, and added a little 'digital painting' to finish it off.

24 March 2014

Tupper where?

I made a little mix tape of the left overs from The Tupperware Party I host with Lauren Rose.

We'll be back on air Friday the 28th with a special guest. Foe now.. enjoy a little ear tickling.


18 March 2014

Medium: Amounts of fun

On my recent trip to Oceania I avoided as much digital devices as humanly possible. Phoneless and with only a disposable and 1940's Nettar medium format camera I took the occasional photo.

My favourite is the one of Scotts, my sisters neighbour, knees. The amount of home job tattoos in Australia and New Zealand is insane. Im devastated the photo of my sisters 'YOH' and 'KIF' inked under her booty didn't come out. I think its going to be interesting to see how they date, the repercussions of people sharing needles and using the wrong inks (its a matter of time before the horror stories circulate). Most interesting is to see how it dates us. If you have a barb wire tattoo don't even THINK about telling me you are 28. I see you.

I was a severe hangover away from having my own, so Im not judging.

I haven't edited the images and what I love so much is that the day I was wearing purple tinted glasses I took the picture of the ferris wheel. The fact it turned out the colours it did is pretty cosmic

Along the Brisbane river
Crashing a wedding in Melbourne
Brisbane lovers
Minutes before a thunderstorm. Hair on end. Static.
Benches in Fitzroy, Melbourne
Spot the KIF/YOH tattoo

Multiple Skull

Can someone please recommend a name to call theses things I do with embroidery thread? Thread sketch? Tapestry? Embroidery? Drawing with wool? Cummon guys! I have hash tags to make.

This is a piece I did in New Zealand recently. I wanted to play with multiplying, creating layers, and trying not to go to colourful. Im obsessed with colour and no matter how much I try to go monochrome (even using ablack and white reference) I cant control myself.

27 February 2014

Khumba custom shoes

Triggerfish have brought us another full animated feature Khumba. Its a kids movie, and as part of their launch in America have come up with a few activities and competitions to surround it. One behind customised shoes I was asked to do. I did these zebra striped babies much to the expense of my housemates deep fear of glitter which is now embedded in the carpets.

This stop motion was just launched with a competion. These are my little hands at their happiest!

21 February 2014

TIdbits of a disposable life

Traveling can be so bitter sweet.
The bitter part usually the coming home.

Alas, I have had a disposable developed to remind me that it actually happened. All is not lost. The world is smaller then you feel and these grainy low quality images are beautiful reminders.

Tidbits on New Zealand. Starting with the birds of Goat Island

30 January 2014

Untamed Christmas: The Magnum PI edition

This years Untamed Christmas (the untamed youth christmas party) shoot saw us doing the Magnum PI edition with Haezer, Niskerone, Sideshow, Tommy gun, Battle beyond the stars and Mudblud. Somehow in a day we managed to organise a location on Clifton (massive thanks to Tehsynes for the hook up!) and a Ferrari. Id like to think it had something to do with the Concerta I was being fed that day, but I think it has more to do with the amazing organisation skills of Dom.

HUGE thank you to my best Lani Spice for the styling, and Dope for the tropical attire.

The flyer was done by Jaco Haasbroek.

If you want to see the crew looking equally as ridiculous, have a gander at last years shoot here.

30 December 2013

The art of corruption

I was looking at tutorials to create glitch videos to add to the Haezer live show (video of the launch to come soon!) and found how to corrupt images with basic text programmes. I used Macs Text Edit.

I find it a strange bridge between film and digital. The love for the unpredictable nature of film and the beauty you find in the mistakes. The tree and self portrait where done in the same style... just thoughtless corruption. The city scape was done with more thought. With the power of undo/ redo and preview.