Infecting finale

So infecting has come and gone. The boys built two beautiful shacks and the performances constantly kept the ever changing crowd amused.  I really appreciated one guys comment about the mermaid out of waters performance:

"Hey, Shes a seal" 
"Ah, I think shes a mermaid out of water"
"Are you sure shes not a seal?" 
"I dont get this art shit"

I couldn't help admiring the bleak robot made of milk cartons ambling around. I wish I had seen more and spent more time with the boys. On the last day I got to meet an amazing man teaching children to stick fight and organise stick-fighting tournaments. Fuzzy got involved. Im not sure who the winner was... Lets just keep Fuzzy's dignity intact and say it was him.. 

Massive thank you to 
Fuzzy Slippers
Nolan Dennis
Hanno Van Zyl
Themba Stewart
and infecting the city....

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