Hippies, Gypsies and jangeling your flam

Is it just me but does Flamjangle sound and feel a little dirty? Between people dancing in fruit, learning the fox trot, and being told not to clean under my nails, (Something about getting to our tribal roots or inner gypsy.The line between hippy and hygene gets thinner.) I got to meet some beautiful people. The weather was incredible. 34 degrees, which allowed me to float on a blow up doll for 4 hours. All round success. But im sure Phumlani will describe it better for you... Ill post our article for Mahala when its up.

photo by Tammy Fabian

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  1. Hey Danielle -

    Great pics of the FJTP - any chance you have one of me in my Bobby outfit (up on stage during the finals of the Best Dressed competition)? Had no camera there and would love a memento!

    Lemme know, cheers

    Travis (hedmekanik(at)gmail.com)


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