Alix from 10and5 approached me a few months ago to be one of the photographers for a collaboration they were doing with Elizabeth Gallows final year students. Each photographer was paired with two stylists and was given a title, which was of a book/movie and had to make a six piece fashion story.

My theme was Age of Innocence so I tried to create a backstage/behind the scenes of a beauty pageant. I used only natural light and wanted it to be seem almost documentary style as apposed to slick fashion shots. The stylists arranged the models, Jasmine and her mother (in real life too) Sharon where incredible. She really was a little beauty queen.

On Friday the 6 It was a one night only exhibition at Museum, in Woodstock. Iv always wanted to drink a glass of wine with my work on the walls. It was beyond special. Whats a good way to say beyond special? Really kiff eh bru. Here are some pictures from the exhibition. Its gone online for the month. I got to exhibit with really talented humans like Max Mogale, Paul Ward and Alix-Rose Cowie.


The most Massive thanks to Karlien and Luzanne for being incredible (and patient) stylists
Jasmine, Sharon and Rune for being endlessly beautiful,
Jzadier for the incredible makeup, Thomas for waiting for us, and helping with location and
Jake for all the help and support and making everything 784 times better in my life

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