My second favourite way to spend 5 minutes

So its been and its gone. The making, the editing and the launch of the video. I remember sitting at the Barracks watching Phumlani shuffle through papers explaining his vision to me. Then day 1 of shoot. Waking up at an unmentionable hour, getting kicked off the location, getting rained out. Kissing in the rain. This led us to the Thelonious studios, which gave the shoot a whole different scope on what we could make of this video. I was on stop-motion duty, which was nerve wrecking.I was supposed to take behind the scenes shots and had never done stop motion before. After hours of working and playing, I ended up at tired falling in love at Mr. Pickwicks eating Bangers and Mash. Bliss.
Day 2 was shot at the Noon gun just after Ramfest. 9000 brownie points and a gold star on each of the foreheads of the Voicetag boys. They are all endlessly talented. Thandi was on Make-up and as always brings her own sparkle to the crew, and not just the glittery eyeshadow kind. She has the ability of effortlessly keeping everyone calm and happy. Day 2 ended with the hen party we co heartlessly intruded on giving as cupcakes and other sweet treats I don't know the names of.
Some how through this project I picked up the name 'Dee Money Clough Cakes' and I owe that to Phumlani. He directed the whole project and made it happen. Im not sure what Im more happy about being apart of the project or having such an epic nickname.
So after all this and sleepless nights for Adam our editing genie we launched the video at The Waiting Room which as a super successful success. I think the biggest congratulation cake gets baked is for Richard the III for producing such a beautiful song.

Im far away from home, and these people I love so much and love watching this video. Hope you enjoy the next five minutes as much as I do.

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