At least the duck survived

'Life begins at 77' is the line that goes around in my head when thinking about the book launch for my Grandmothers poetry book 'At least the duck survived'. I scoffed at Oprah's life begins at 50 episodes, but yet again, Oprah proves to be right. Is she ever not right?And with Dr Oz as your besty....

The launch was held at the Kalk Bay Book Lounge last Friday. Im so honored to have designed the cover for something so special. My always humble gran was shocked that 50 people had RSVPd to the event, and even more taken back when she packed out the whole book shop and sold every book.

Heres one of her poems that was read on Cape Talk a few weeks ago

If Someone Came Now Offering Love

How delighted I would be. 
It would be so exciting, 
so unexpected: a lottery win on a forgotten ticket, or 
a legacy from a long lost cousin. 
I would have nowhere to put it. 
If I sat it on my garden bench it would get spoilt in the rain. 
I could find place for it in the front window, 
but the residents’ aesthetics committee might object. 
The kitchen cupboards are too full of pots and pans, 
tins of baked beans, spaghetti and dog biscuits
and the computer fills up all the space in the study. 
And as for the bedroom – 
No. I wouldn’t want it there. I think I would have to wrap it carefully in sacking, 
stitch it up with a large curved needle
and mark it with a thick black pen 
“Return to sender.”

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