A lot of Lala

Back in the preteen days, I was at a humble little school called Sweet Valley Primary. The school did a few things for me that I still do today.  Read (occasionally), write (nervously), spell (terribly) and talk to Cathryn Rorich. Cathryn is not a sweet kid whos head is slightly to big for her body anymore, but a beautiful, kind and TALENTED fashion designer. I am also no longer an oily, loud skolly but I still have the knock knees.

Shes in her masters at Cape Tech and asked me to shoot her range. After one meeting we were on the same page. We were so lucky to get the beautiful Lala Quail to model, she's absolutley effortless and the easiest person to work with. yes yes- puff piece!

Cathryn will be exhibiting her work at CPUT final years exhibition on the 28th.

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