A weekends make-more

Finally I have had a day where Ive had to do NOTHING! So naturally, I get quite bored and give myself a million tasks. This weekend was a time to get homely. I made some flags for the house, and got gardening. Well, more, pot planting.

Milnerton market is always a treat and a great way to feed any consumeristic desires I have without totally destroying the bank. I realised the extent of my shopping problems when it started pouring buckets and the rain didn't bother me. I was quite happy soaked and spending.

I went a little porcelain crazy again, Im quite fond of kitch dogs and dirty pink. Maybe you can tell.

The other purpose was the pots and saucers for the back patio to plant in. From kettles to tin cups, old biscuit tins and coffee filters, all I saw today was plant vessels, and Iv learnt that everything is a potential home for a plant. Now, I just need the flora to fill them.

Quite domesticated aren't I?

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