Evelyn Hart

Finally going to release a full range of images from the Evelyn Hart shoot... After the love given from the 10and5 feature and the response from all Evelyn's fans I figured it was time.

The shot was done in both digital and film and using an array of processing techniques to create layers and textures.

Heres the press release:

Evelyn Hart is a performer emerging from many different rooms. From the intimate space of a writer, the alcove of an artist, the hallways of rehearsals and the well-lived in hollows of craftsmanship, she has spent the last few years living and working towards a collection of music that is reflective of her spirit and surroundings. Her music is painted heavily with expansive orchestral sounds and is filled with the movement and moods that inspire her.

The success of Evelyn Hart’s visual launch was the culmination of passions between an inspired team of creatives who share a deep love for music and design. The shoot was moulded by the visions of both Stacey Prozesky and art director/ producer Wesley Langridge, founder of creative consultancy and music brand development group, Tenth Hour; shot with the photographic expertise of Danielle Clough; and styled with magical contributions to hair and makeup by Stuart Senekal and Lorien Jarzebowski.  Fittingly, the shoot took place in the home of a former opera singer, where the team sought to capture the grandeur of Hart’s music in the style and atmosphere of the images. 

"Forged by the Sea", her six-track EP is presently available by
request only, with three tracks that can be listened to here:

Massive love to the team:

Art Direction: Wesley Langridge
Photographer: Danielle Clough
Hair: Stuart Senekal
Make-up: Lorien Cher Jarzebowski

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  1. shit lady, you damn talented!!!! well done, i think they are beautiful xxxx


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