Sucker Punch Bags

About 2 years ago I had the joy of meeting Mr Fuzzy Slippers. I was shooting Adidas Three Stories over the world cup and he was one of the locals. Over a few blurry banters we decided to collaborate. My craft and his illustrations. The bags we made went up at his first solo exhibition 'Something has changed in me'. I had so much fun there. To much fun (there were numerous permanent marker and topless moments that I am to ashamed to let myself remember. I blame it on youth and champagne).

Im in love with this project and cant wait untill the cosmos align so we can do a full range.
Oh, and the eyes are pockets. 

I can happily say the collaboration was a success, and Fuzzy is now one of the most special friends I have in my life, and I can honestly say he's a great human and one of the worlds last true artists.

Here are our Sucker Punch Bags!

Fuzzy's drawings
My process work

Thanks for the photos Adam Kent Weist

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