Before there was Instagram, there were cameras

Now dont get me wrong, in no way am I an Instagram hater. I appreciate what it does and if (sponsors see opportunity here) I had a smarter-then-a-blackberry phone I'd Instagram my life away, but there is nothing like developing your own film,creating scratches with your hands and creating sneaky light leaks while winding up your film.

I love seeing an image I completely forgot about and reliving that one moment, completely removed from it. This to me is the curse of the LCD screen. Seeing the photograph while standing infront of your subject can cause such inner turmoil. You dont have the space or time to be completely objective.

But this is just my opinion... and some of my reasons I love film.

Often I will take an analog photo and crop it of tweak colour with photoshop. I dont believe in the whole 'purist' thing and that you HAVE to be digital or analog. We are given these incredible tools to play with. Cameras, film, developing techniques, photoshop, scanners etc. and they all influence your image, and at the end of the day, its about what you are looking at as much as how it was created. Why not enjoy the full process?

That being said, These photos are all untouched.. coming straight from the scanner. Fuji colours n all. Just snippets of my life. As I see it.

The last day I have of this view 
Yarn bombing
Sentimantal photo, the first Rolling Stone im published.
Portrait by Lani

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