Occupy Toffie

I was asked in a recent interview what my favourite project has been. After rattling though my brain for a minute or two I remembered Occupy Toffie. It was an installation exhibition where 30 people were given a play tent to customise in anyway they wanted. The rules? Keep the structure of the tent.

I decided to take my two favourite mediums, fabric and photography, and immerse myself in them. I created a tent dubbed 'Somewhat inside' where you lie on large white organ pillows. The full interior is white, with fluffy white floors. The exterior in upholstery (I've been obsessed with this fabric for years now) and leather. The walls are covered in embroidery hoops, framing photographs and embroidered images. Like a mini exhibition... all lit with a tiny lamp shade made of the upholstery and tassels. I still have the tent in my lounge and it serves as a great reading, stoner, and Mac Donalds at 5 in the morning corner.

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