Chappies edible mural

Chappies are back with vengeance, illustrating their new facts by creating 6 edible murals through South Africa.

Its so funny how the world works, I was assisting Paul Cocks on a shoot Ogilvy was doing for VW, and the copy writter on was a friend of mine, the ever entertaining Kate Desmarais, and after a little banter about a campaign they were working on for Chappies, she asked me if I wanted to give the brief a 'bash'. I did and my illustration on of the fact:

Did you know a Banana is slightly radioactive because they are rich in potassium

It was put up in Maboneng, and heres an amazing video Wish I knew who the videographer was) of my design being up up and then eaten! Its an amazing campaign and Im so flattered to be apart of it.

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