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On my recent trip to Oceania I avoided as much digital devices as humanly possible. Phoneless and with only a disposable and 1940's Nettar medium format camera I took the occasional photo.

My favourite is the one of Scotts, my sisters neighbour, knees. The amount of home job tattoos in Australia and New Zealand is insane. Im devastated the photo of my sisters 'YOH' and 'KIF' inked under her booty didn't come out. I think its going to be interesting to see how they date, the repercussions of people sharing needles and using the wrong inks (its a matter of time before the horror stories circulate). Most interesting is to see how it dates us. If you have a barb wire tattoo don't even THINK about telling me you are 28. I see you.

I was a severe hangover away from having my own, so Im not judging.

I haven't edited the images and what I love so much is that the day I was wearing purple tinted glasses I took the picture of the ferris wheel. The fact it turned out the colours it did is pretty cosmic

Along the Brisbane river
Crashing a wedding in Melbourne
Brisbane lovers
Minutes before a thunderstorm. Hair on end. Static.
Benches in Fitzroy, Melbourne
Spot the KIF/YOH tattoo

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