The Last to Leave: Poetry book by Margaret Clough

For anyone who knows me at all, I am my Grandmothers biggest fan. Thats saying a lot because she has a ton of fans. She worked as a Science teacher, soil chemist and food technologist and only started writing after retiring to Cape Town a few years ago. She not only the tiniest person I know, but the kindest. Her openness to the world has helped me keep my head up in my trickiest times.

Long story short, she has decided to 're-retire' at 80, with the launch of her second poetry book, and I did the design and cover art for it. Jay Gordon did the typography (because, really he is the greatest). Although my Gran is determined not to turn 80, but 79.2.

So.. if you weren't convinced of her amazingness heres her blog:
I get a call every now and then when she looses her blog (and subsequently written a poem about it)

The Launch is on the 22nd April in Kalk Bay ( )

This portrait was taken a year or two back, She wasn't aware that I took the photo. This is quite typical. Her throne is a see-saw and her staff, a ball flinger. The cover art is a water colour that I photographed with my Nokia 1520 (didnt even need to do a Hi-Res scan!) and just sent it with bluetooth to my laptop and edited it, and added a little 'digital painting' to finish it off.

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