MBLife / HGissue / Buro247: Athi-patra Ruga

A couple weeks / months / years ago (time has a funny way of getting away from you) I was hired to take images for MBLife of the artist Athi-patra Ruga. Lately the images have re-emerged on big sites such as HG Issue and Buro247 and realised I had never posted them here.

Both sites haven't credited me and to be honest, Im not really phased seeing as photography hasn't been my focus for ages (perhaps Id feel differently if it was) but it does lead the mind to question how these bigger more established sites are going about things. These are the people who are going to keep artist working and fed, and perhaps they want to skirt around a few payments here and there but as an employee from MBLife said "These pictures are all over the web, Buro 24/7 is not the only transgressor. It's really cool that everyone likes them, but a little credit costs nothing and goes a long way to establish a photographer's talent. Dee could've been famous and working Russia by now! "

And, it would be really nice to go to Russia.

From where I sit today, right now, on this sunny and FREEZING day in Cape Town, Im just grateful I live a life where I get to do what I'm passionate about, and that every now and then I get to stumble upon a site that reminds me about that.

MOST importantly, click on the links and have a look at the mind-blowing works of Athi and his work with LOUIS VUITTON

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