The live visual side..

So I realise I have become a bit of a ludite. Twitter is no longer apart of my everyday thinking (I felt like I used to think in snappy 140 character lines) and I have been very inactive on my social networks and blogs. Maybe it doesn't help that there is a plural!

One of the things I dont really share is my VJ work. I prefer to say live visuals, as it has less reference to an Operah term for vagina. Tomorrow night (29th May) I am going to do visuals for PH Fat, the Hogs and Fuzigish. Last year I did Vodacom in the City in Joberg with PH Fat and they performed at Billy Beach in St Francis over the New Year week. They are always super amazing and have such a great work ethic. With luck there will be more, and footage that I will attempt to post.

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