The missing spool

Its been an age since I've developed a 120 film, and just finished this one from my Nettar yesterday. I love the process of film (yes, that's an unintentional pun). from the sound of winding the film up, not knowing what's going to actually come out, experimenting with light and remembering a day you forgot you had had.

The man in the photo is a very entrepreneurial Japanese man who lives in the suburbs of Christchurch. He has turned his garage into a id photo studio called Face and a hair salon called Dr Cuts. Decorating the walls with 90s posters of Asian women and the garden with bicycles. He is possibly the most eccentric and interesting person I've met on this Island

I want to thank my friend Lani for being so fucking beautiful and cool. Check her blog out at you may even catch a glimpse of my boobs too. Touche she says.

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