The darkest dark room

One more thing ticked off the bucket list; developing my own film.
The dark room at Burnside school, where I was smuggled, doesn't have a red light that works. I haven't had to concentrate in a dark space like that since the ''7 seconds in heaven'' game back in my preteens (what where we going to achieve in a mere 7 seconds?). After a few frustrated moans, nearly cutting a finger with scissors and an accidental boob grab (in that dark room, not during the game) I was ready for the lights to come on. Chemical time. The film needed to be push processed 2 stops, which I say with such confidence when handing a spool over the counter at Orms, but actually have no idea how to do it myself. So I did what I do best and guessed.

Unrolling, loading, chemicals, tipping, tapping, rinsing, fixing, drying, scanning, uploading.

And voila. Bucket list.

My dark room teacher was my exponentially talented Freckle/Pop

beautiful lighting on a very dishevelled bullrush
He was this big


  1. these are flipping awesome!!

  2. I think you pulled of a first time development swimmingly. I still need to tick that box.


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