If you let yourself love a wild thing

Salon91 gallery and Greenpop are holding an exhibition for the month of December. The launch was on Saturday and two of my pieces are in the window. The exhibition is a visual buffet. Not a pre-packaged jam-and-white-bread-that-has-been-toasted-3-times-oros-in-a-jug buffet, but the dim sum-prawn-and-ploughmans-platter-of-a-buffet. With fresh fuit. The artists are amazing. Do youself a favour and get your toosh down there this month if you get a chance. I created two pieces. The one is based on the Duck from 'At least the Duck survived' . Its a thread sketch. and the other is a photo printed on canvas with a kiss stitched in.

Because it floats
As they do

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